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24.6.2024 WEPs webinar: Champions of change – experience of signatories 🗓

Naplánovaná událost aktualita Pozvánka WEPs

We invite all members of BPW Europe to webinar about Women's Empowerment Principles.

Join us: June 24th, 2024 at 6 pm CET

Women from different countries share the best practices related to the Women’s Empowerment Principles implementation.

KEY note speakers:

Helena Steinerová
Helena Steinerova leads the Recruitment & Development team at GasNet. Together with her team, she develops the Social and DEI areas within the company's ESG strategy.
"DEI at GasNet is all about how effectively we can create the right conditions for employees in their work and personal lives. We listen to our employees and reinforce meaningful issues that they appreciate." This commitment is exemplified by GasNet receiving the prestigious Fair Employer with a Good Vibe Award last year, based on employee ratings on the Atmoskop website.
"I enjoy working with people, developing, and supporting them. That's why I love working in HR and the energy industry, which is full of opportunities for sustainable development."
Helena's career has been closely linked to HR, having previously held senior positions in international companies such as Accenture and Deutsche Börse. She is the mother of eleven-year-old Barunka, a lover of Brazilian music, and an enthusiast of Romance languages.

Alena Pomahačová
I come from a corporate background with over 20 years of experience in management positions. I represent a unique combination of business and HR management. I consider my key success factor to be my constant encouragement of team dialogue and partnership, which always results in finding the right solutions. During my time in business, I have become an expert in different negotiation styles as well as international project management. I am an experienced and award-winning manager of the Allianz team of 1800 salespeople, 180 managers and 5 Country Managers. After years in leadership positions I am still interested in Conscious Motivation of teams and individuals, Performance Management in line with Work life Balance or Agile (real) Leadership. At Allianz I am one of the active supporters of women's leadership.

Lenka Šťastná
Lenka is the founder and president of Business & Professional Women CR, which was founded in 2010. The organization focuses on support and development of women in business and professional life. With extensive experience in the banking sector, where she has held senior management positions, and active membership on the boards of several companies, she has a deep understanding of the corporate world.
She is known for her ability to create and promote projects that support and empower women in various fields. Her passion and dedication to the cause has led people to call her the „Queen of Networking.“ Her ability to build connections, share know-how and support women on their path to career success is admirable and inspiring to all who come in contact with her. She is an important figure who is creating positive change in society and opening doors for women on the road to equality and success.
Lenka is also the founder and organizer of the Equal Pay Day conference in Czech Republic, which has become a legendary gathering in the field of gender equality. This conference will celebrate its 15th year in the spring of 2024, a testament to its extraordinary success and impact on society. Equal Pay Day has become an important forum to discuss closing the gender pay gap and promoting a fair and equal working environment. Lena’s dedication to this cause is undeniable and she is extremely proud of the way she has used these conferences to participate in women’s rights and equality in the workplace.

Jana Černoušková
Jana develops external ESG Ambassador and Diversity Ambassador services for organisations that want to professionally embed the topic in their agenda, creating tailor-made projects. She is still involved in gender issues and education for the 21st century, especially in terms of learning leadership and strategic planning.