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Christmass greetings from Pinella Bombaci

By 22. 12. 202031 prosince, 2020No Comments

Dopis od Pinelly Bombaci, Regional Coordinator BPW Europe, který obsahuje shrnutí výsledků a úspěchů BPW Europe, nás velmi potěšil a rády bychom jej s vámi sdílely.

Přidáváme se k přání poklidných vánočních svátků a úspěšnému vstupu do nadcházejícího roku 2021.

Dear Presidents of BPW Europe,
This is the last letter of Christmas wishes that I write, in my role of Regional Coordinator of BPW Europe, after a long journey with you, lasted nine years.

An amazing journey with my precious cooperators in ECC, the Secretary Kikoula Cotsapas, the Finance Officer Gudrun Jakobsdóttir, the Young Representative Benedetta Palermo and the AISBL Member Myriam Martens; they were and are my formidable supporters in this path that really filled, with incredible experiences, this part of my life.

All together, we have achieved great results:
- The inclusion of BPW Europe in the EU Digital skills and Job coalition.
- The relationship and the constant cooperation with the European Parliament and European Commission.
- The permanent BPW representative at European Women Lobby.
- The new presence of a permanent BPW member of contact at EIGE European Institute of Gender Equality.
- The new relationship with WE Gate and 2 GAP.
- Our pillars on the matters of Equal Pay, Women on boards, Violence against women, Charter of the girls rights.
- The excellent work as Chair and members of the European Working groups.

All these, just to highlight the most important topics, are the result of your competence, professionalism and will to work for the empowerment of women, in Europe and around the world!

The award received from UN Women, the Honorary mention in the 2020 G7 – EU WEPs Award competition, in the category as Best Network, rewards the work of all of us that is continuing even in this terrible pandemic period.

Be proud of your PBW Europe, dear Presidents, it is one of the greatest realities of BPW International! Please continue on this path, full of difficulties, of obstacles, but that leads to important goals for us, BPW Members and for all women in the world; do it with passion, professionalism, with all the strength of will that we are able to put in your actions!

We wish to all of you peaceful Holiday and a magical New Year full of health, serenity and success; you deserve the best of life! Proud of you all!

Your Regional Coordinator Pinella
With Kikoula , Gudrun and Benedetta