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14.-25.3. CSW – Commission on the Status of Women 2022 🗓 🗺

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Dear ladies,

The CSW is approaching with great strides and the preparations are very much ongoing.
The advantage of holding the conference virtually is that everyone can take part. Please register at NGO CSW Forum and visit the Parallel Events. As always, NGO CSW will provide tutorials to help you register and select the parallel events. You can also find these on CSW website of BPW international with step-by-step instructions from its webmaster.

If you are interested in information about the Side Events, which will be exclusively virtual this year, please check the UNWomen website.

You will find below the Parallel Events organised in the name of BPW International, a BPW Federation or a BPW Club. Put together your Parallel Events and register for the individual events. You will find highly exciting speeches, reports from the grassroots that reflect reality very impressively.

CSW 66 Parallel Events of BPW International, Federations and Clubs

On BPW International website we provide as much information as possible about CSW66. On the CSW66 Homepage you will find links to topics, documents and other information pages. There are also explanations on FAQs and tutorials as videos. The latest details on the parallel events are posted there on an ongoing basis.