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Press release: The 6th international project meeting goes to the Czech Republic 🗓

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Naplánovaná událost aktualita Pozvánka Projekty

YOUNGEU project 

“Youth Over Pandemic: A New Idea of Civic Participation for the Future” 

The 6th session of European Conferences held from 21 to 24 April 2024 in Prague  (Czech Republic), as part of the project entitled "Youth Over Pandemic: A New Idea  of Civic Participation for the Future", has concluded. 

Promoted by the Unione della Valle del Patrì and financed by the European Union  within the “CERV- Citizenship, Equality, Rights and Values” programme, the project  involved foreign organizations and public bodies from Spain, Malta, Greece, Latvia,  Czech Republic, Estonia, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Portugal,  Poland, Sweden and Italy. 

The YoungEU project involves 6 European conference sessions, some of which have  already concluded, held in Malta, Italy, Romania, Hungary, Croatia the next stops will  be and Prague (Czech Republic). 

During the European conference sessions, specific aspects of the project themes were  explored, developed and discussed. 

The aim of the project is to create a solid and lasting network between the  Municipalities and European organizations involved, to delve into highly topical topics  such as the condition of young people after the end of the Pandemic, the lack of civic  participation and the consequent need to instill new enthusiasm among young people  towards European issues. Young people represent the future of the European  institutions; therefore, it’s necessary to animate the European debate, encouraging  citizens to reflect on which Europe they want to help build. 

During each meeting, workshops, round tables, visits and case studies will take place,  in order to optimize the involvement of all local forces and outline the directions of  cooperation. 

From 21 to 24 April 2024 the YoungEU project will stop in Prague (Czech Republic)  where the thematic conference sessions will end. 

The final event in Prague will focus on the dissemination and valorisation of the Project  Results and specific issues relating to Democracy and Citizenship, the European  Challenges for the Future and the role of young people will be covered. Finally, the last session of the Conferences will be an opportunity for the presentation  of the results of the Permanent Working. 

The final product that will emerge from the Thematic Network project is a "Final  Dossier" which represents the tangible starting point for the network's cooperation and  the creation of further future collaborations. This work collects ideas, proposals and  actions to identify and outline the lines of intervention of a Europe attentive to the  needs of the society of the future.

The conference session in Czech Republic will be an opportunity to consolidate the  European Network and to learn about, exchange good practices on local development  strategies and make an institutional visit.