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Hledáme ambasadorku z ČR pro zajímavý projekt

Možná jste to právě Vy! Máte skvělou fyzičku, láká Vás zdolávání překážek a vždy jste snila o výstupu na horu Kilimandžáro? Pak je tato nabídka právě pro Vás. Nejenže poznáte nová místa a lidi, ale navíc podpoříte projekt vzdělávání masajských dívek "Everyone has the right to education".

Možnost přihlásit se na e-mailu, detaily zde:

Více o projektu zjistíte na jeho webu, propozice níže.



My name is Janika Vaikjärv. I am the founder of the Ladies Trekking Club and Impatiens Kilimanjari Foundation.

Please help us set a unique record.  We are looking The Flag Tour Ambassador from Czech Republic.  Please share this information and thank you in advance.

Be the Flag Tour 2016 Ambassador for your country.

Women of 60 different nationalities trekking on Kilimanjaro at the same time.

Let’s do something together that has never been done before!

Represent your nation (country)!

The goal is to get to the Roof of Africa on 29 February 2016. We will spread and support the message ‘Everyone has the right to education’ and help Maasai girls complete their four years at school.

Share your knowledge and experience with us – be one of the 60 women and join us on the journey to the top.


Ladies Trekking Club began operating in 2012. Our goal is to inspire more women to go trekking, to climb their inner mountains, to share their experience and do something good together. The club’s symbol is Kilimanjaro – the only mountain in the world that stands on her own. In many countries, it’s still more difficult for girls to get an education than it is for boys. The LTC took 10 Maasai girls under its wing and has now been supporting their education with the help of club members for three years.  The purpose of the Flag Tour 2016 is to assemble 60 women from different countries.  10% of the travel costs of each woman will be used to cover the tuition fees of the Maasai girls’ last, i.e. fourth, year at school. We will help these girls finish school and start the next stage of their lives.  They would never have been able to get an education without the help of the generous LTC members.

The itinerary for the trek is here:

You can choose one of three different routes. After the trek, we will visit the Maasai girls and the school.

Such a large group of different nationalities has never trekked on Kilimanjaro before. We’ll help each other and make our own lives more interesting! We’ll set a unique record. We’ll make many new friends from all over the world. We must stick together more in a world where war and terror keep growing. We’ll show that women of different nationalities stick together, support each other and want our children to go to school. The better the education our children get, the less ignorance there is in the world. One step at a time. We’ll reach the top together and send a message to the world. We’ll make ourselves heard.

Sign up now:

P.S. A book and documentary will be made of the trek.


TREK FOR KIDS. Flag tour 2016