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aktualitaEqual Pay Day

Equal Pay Day is English friendly

Non profit organisation Business and Professional Women CR runs the whole-year campaign for #equalpay and organize the Equal Pay Day Event consisting of Conference and Speed mentoring since 2010. 2022 will be no different.

With support of partners and women themselves Equal Pay Day became shortly the most popular and largest conference about women in the Czech Republic, mainly for its atmosphere and energy.

We bring important issues and make them visible.

The topic of the conference does not turn to the past, but offers insights and visions of speakers, so that we are as well prepared as possible for the future, which consists only of our next steps, willingness to do so and also quality information.

WHY should You attend ?

  1. Discover powerful tools to advance your career or business development.
  2. Get courage to make bold decisions. Use your voice.
  3. You learn and enjoy yourself at one time.
  4. Learn from best practice and personal stories.
  5. Capture positive energy and the understanding that ‘I am enough’.
  6. Build your professional network, create leads and new relationships.
  7. Let it change your 3 days with us, with the potential to change even months and years.

EPD is English friendly!

  • Whole conference is simultaneously translated to English.
  • You can choose form various speed mentoring sessions in English.