Youth exchange

15 - 26th September / 11 nights

Krusevo, North Macedonia

KA1 project of the Erasmus +

SustainABLE Rural rebuilding in Europe

Erasmus+ programme involved 6 partner countries from Sweden, Czech republic, North Macedonia, Spain, Italy and Lithuania.

CALL FOR 4 English speaking participants (18 - 30 years) for Youth Exchange taking place from 15th to 26th September in Krusevo

The main focus of the project is the biggest challenge of our century- environmental protection, with a concrete aspect on the Climate change and renewable energy as one of the solutions for rural and sustainable development. The project uses nonformal education as one of the main tools for active participation and learning. Therefore the programme will include interactive exercises, creative approach to the topic, working in small, big and mixed diverse groups. The project also brings along geographical balance tackling all parts of Europe and targeting the whole continent.
 The activities ensure gender balance, involvement of young people from rural areas, young people with geographical, social and economical obstacles.

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We will be accommodated in a cosy villa in Krusevo, in the centre of the city. The rooms will be from 3, 4 or 5 bedded. Each room has its own toilette. There is a wonderfull view from the vila for the whole city !

Breakfast will be provided in the villa – self serving / everyday there is a group of nation preparing for others

Lunch and dinner will be provided in a local restaurant or discussed (we are planning outside barbecue and other sustainable way of food, national specialities, etc.). Do you have ideas now? Share with us... we will make it.

The whole villa has free wireless coverage. Bed linen and towels are provided.
You can check the villa here


KRUSEVO is the highest town in Macedonia, as well as Balkan region, situated at an altitude of over 1,350 meters !! above sea level.
Krusevo is unique hilly town in Macedonia with its traditional architecture and beautifull nature with its descending population of 5000 people.
 this town has its own relaxing energy, very clean air and powerfull mountain view points
 don´t forget to taste Krusevo hot cheese plate, its just delicious


How to get there?

Flights from Prague or other European city to Skopje and bus to Krusevo / or Prilep and Krusevo.

What includes the project?

Fully covered by project: Project program, accommodation and meals in Krusevo (project dates) + Travel costs (flights and bus transportation up to total of 275 EUR per person according to the bills paid).

Not covered: Travel insurance, services connected with your prolongation of the project (+-2 days), others


What do we expect from you:

Active involvement in all planned project activities, international presentation of BPWCR organization, fun and travel, sharing your experiences from sustainable field, implementing changes after coming back and sharing project info with BPW members (official event), written report.


Prices in Macedonia: 1 EUR = 61.3 denars (Macedonian money). You could bring euro, dollars, or kronas with you and change them in denars in the city. There are exchange offices and banks in the city that are working till 20:00 in the evening.

 Local Krusevo beer costs around 70 denars, coffee (don´t drink cappucino, just macchiato 🙂 40 denars, and coca cola 50 denars.

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