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Behaviour. Lessons from the Mind.

The Behaviour series is a curated collection of conversations with some of the best teachers, doctors, leaders, or thinkers in the world. Each conversation looks at behavior from a different perspective, expanding on an insight that behaviour is a solution not a problem.
This project is under the umbrella of The Human Potential Academy, an NGO dedicated to support and promote mental health. The participation in the webinars is free, however the organisation welcome and appreciate any donations.

The host and member of our organisation, Loredana Popasav, will engage in a series of conversations with some of the most brilliant minds in psychology, leadership, relationships, politics, public service and life.

Each of these guests will share their understanding and experience into the nature of behaviour and how understanding the logic of it can transform people's lives, careers, relationships, or communities.

The Imposter syndrome
(May 19th, 6pm)

Raghav Parkash is a High Performance & Life Coach that helps ambitious Entrepreneurs, professionals & companies reach the very best, happiest, fulfilled & highest performing versions of themselves.

The Mind-body-behavior connection
(May 31st, 6pm)

Dr Bill Pettit has shared the Three Principles within his psychiatric practice for more than 35 years. Bill was mentored personally for over 26 years by Sydney Banks, and his direct experience with Syd’s teaching closely informs his work. His most recent speaking and coaching work has focused on overcoming trauma, and the understanding that there is just one cause and one cure for mental illness.

The State of Mind variable
(June 9th, 6pm)

Dr Aaron Turner received the first ever first-class degree achieved in Anthropology at Swansea University. He went on to do a Masters degree at Brunel University in Medical Anthropology. He worked at Brunel as a faculty member and a researcher at The Centre for Health Sickness and Disablement and got his PhD there.

Releasing the Power of Insight
(June 21st, 6pm)

Dr Judith A. Sedgeman, EdD has been dedicated to sharing the Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought professionally for more than 30 years. Dr. Sedgeman has worked over the years with many other practitioners of the Three Principles throughout the United States and around the world.

The hidden variable
(June 21st, 9pm)

Dr. George Pransky is one of the two professional founders of the understanding of The Principles of Mind, Thought and Consciousness. He has taught the Principles for forty years to individuals, couples, businesses and colleagues. Dr. Pransky is the author of The Relationship Handbookand over fifty audio recordings.

Relationships. Awakening the health within.
(June 30th, 7pm)

Linda Pransky went to graduate school at The University of Washington in 1975. She specialized in psycho-social nursing, because she had an interest in learning how people change. She learned techniques and approaches to helping people, but nothing seemed long-lasting and beneficial. When she met Sydney Banks in 1976 she saw a way for people to really change. Her vision became one of helping people seek real and long lasting change.