Dobrý den Lenko,
Ještě mě napadlo, že mě vlastně celé roky inspirujete právě tou Vaší vytrvalostí, se kterou
řídíte Vaši organizaci, takže Vám moc děkuji!
Praha, 12.12.2018

Dear Mrs Helena,

First and foremost, thank you for having provided so promptly the CVs. I forwarded them to the organisation right after, they also highly appreciated the great mobilisation and openness displayed by BPWCR.
Secondly, I am happy to hear the AWE event was a resounding success. I could tell from the minimal contact I have had with you and other members of BPWCR how professional, purpose-driven, and friendly your organisation is. Should you have any events in English, I am interested in tuning in, as the topics you approach are close to me too.
So, please, rest assured that your work will be put to good use and that SocialInnov is interested in working with BPWCR in the long run.
Thank you once again for your great contributions and friendliness.

Ștefania Pavel, Project Manager European Development Agency Ltd. 


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