ALL Ladies League (ALL) pořádá 16.-21.5.2016 Women Economic Forum v Indii, New Delhi. Očekává se 1500 účastníků ze 75 zemí. Téma konference: Women: Uplifting & Uniting the World


Chtěly byste se dozvědět něco více? Máte možnost setkat se Dr. Harbeen Arora, Global Chairperson of the ALL Ladies League a Women Economic Forum, která v rámci své cesty po Evropě navšítí i Prahu.

Setkání v Praze koordinuje Univerzita Pardubice ve spolupráci s Pedagogickým muzeem Jana Amose Komenského.

Kde: Pedagogické muzeum Jana Amose Komenského, Valdštejnská 20, Praha 1

Kdy: 1.2.2016, zahájení programu v 15:00

Pokud máte zájem jít společně s námi,  napište na bpwcr@bpwcr.cz.

Brief Profile: Dr. Harbeen Arora

Dr Arora is the Global Chairperson of ALL Ladies League and Women Economic Forum, and the Chancellor of Rai University, Ahmedabad and Rai Technology University, Bangalore. As an Author, Dr. Arora wrote “Creative Living: Discovering Your Beautiful Path and Lifestyle toward Happiness and Wellbeing,” published in the United States in 2010. Dr Arora has given talks on Creative Living and Human Values at Ivy League Universities in the United States, including Yale, Harvard, Columbia, MIT and Princeton, Brown. She has written two other books, one on spirituality and values, and another on education. Dr. Harbeen Arora has received the National Award for Social Entrepreneurship and Education 2015 by the Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI). Dr. Arora holds a PhD from Sorbonne Nouvelle, University of Paris III; Masters from King’s College, London University and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, London; and Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Delhi University.


About ALL and WEF: ALL is the first international women’s network and chamber with free membership and the only criteria being for women to bring in positive energy and a will to do. ALL has over 375+ chapters across the world where women collaborate in diverse and real ways.  At our annual Women Economic Forum, there’s a powerful, positive and purposeful energy of multidimensional thought leadership and global friendship in the midst of great networking for business, discussions over hundreds of diverse themes and topics, inspiration of new start-ups,  friendships growing across credos and faiths… It’s a most exciting ground for new entrepreneurship, massive connections and all kinds of leaps of faith. www.aall.in

About WEF 16: Women Economic Forum (WEF) 2016 is in New Delhi in May this year from 16 to 21st May where 1500 women will come together from 75 countries on the theme “Women: Uplifting the World.” There will be 408 sessions on diverse themes like business, technology, entrepreneurship, health, travel, spirituality, belief, peace, diplomacy, conflict resolution, personal leadership, innovation, research etc. We have 408 sessions divided among 28 themes that are being discussed for 6 days and 5 nights. www.aall.in

Theme of WEF 16 on “Women: Uplifting & Uniting the World”:

It is time for women to lead and express their unique energy of loving leadership in ALL walks of life. We are thus fostering an all-inclusive ecosystem where women from ALL parts of the world can tap into their own strengths individually, collectively and collaboratively. An ecosystem where we feel interconnected, integrated and inspired. There are beautiful stories how this is happening across cultures and continents as a shared vision led by women forges ahead to bring more inclusion, inspiration and innovation to not just women but to ALL. There is rising confidence, multiplying connections, and boundless possibilities of collaboration beyond borders. The uplifting energy of this integrating ecosystem of love ALL and serve ALL are there for ALL of us to plug into to empower each one of us to lead the change in our homes, countries and societies, ushering in the much needed understanding among cultures and peace across borders, apart from becoming self-assured in our own personal expressions and excelling in ALL that we do.

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