A Holiday Message

It has been an eventful 2015 and as the year draws to a close, we would like to wish all of our lovely BPW members a safe and happy Holiday Season, and a Wonderful 2016 to you and yours. 

- From the members of BPW International Executive 

Peace on Earth! | Paix Sur Terre! | Pace Sulla Terra! | Paz en la Tierra!

News From The President

The Regional Conference of North America and the Caribbean was held November 5th-8th in the Cayman Islands. In attendance were 7 members of the International Executive including myself, VPs Amany Asfour and Arzu Ozyol, Executive Secretary Catherine Bosshart, Young BPW Representative Ketlin Tackman, Regional Coordinators Marta Solimano and Bessie Hironimus, as well as Past Presidents Antoinette Ruegg and Liz Benham, and Peace and Intercultural Understanding Chair Elisa Campos. It was a very informative Conference, all members of the Executive and the Past Presidents had the opportunity to make presentations and share information on BPW International activities. I would like to congratulate BPW Cayman Islands President Andrea Williams and her members for the wonderful job they did to ensure the success of this Regional Conference. It was great to see members from all the North American and the Caribbean regions attending the conference. This gave us an opportunity for the members to get closer to each other and to know each other better.

Accompanied by RC Marta Solimano, I attended the AGM of BPW Brazil which for the first time, was held on a cruise ship. The close quarters on the ship gave us time to talk, to share our interests and our concerns. The program included International, Regional and National issues, which were of great interest to the attendees. Special recognition to BPW Brazil President Eunice Cruz and her National Executive for the success of this conference. In addition, I share my gratitude to them and their members for their kindness.

After the conference, I  had the opportunity to meet with Jennifer Iverson, WEConnect Brazil, and with Rosemary Correa, President of the Sao Paulo State Women Council prior to the AGM, and afterwards RC Marta and I met with Mrs. Chieko Aoki, President of the Blue Tree hotel chain who leads the campaign by Brazilian entrepreneurs to amend the Brazilian Constitution to eliminate corruption and to reach gender equality. During both meetings, we shared mutual interests which will allow us to join efforts and participate in these issues. I also had the opportunity to meet with Karin Pape, BPW Wiesbaden member in Germany, as well as with the members of BPW Sao Paulo during a dinner.

During the last day in Brazil, Elisa Campos arranged a meeting with Amalia Ruth Borges Smith, past International Vice President and Past LA RC, with whom I have enjoyed over 30 years of friendship.

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