BPW Approaching Sustainable Development Goals

In partnership with the United Nations, Business and Professional Women (BPW) is working towards sustainable development in our organization as well as promoting sustainable development generally. In accordance with BPW’s 2017-2020 theme of “empowering women to realize the sustainable development goals”, BPW International has a strong commitment to fulfilling the sustainable development goals presented by the UN. Similarly, countries around the world, including the Czech Republic, are working to fulfill the seventeen SDGs introduced by the United Nations. BPW is connected to the goals of the United Nations because we believe that in order to have peace, sustainability, and progress, we must have gender equality. 

In partnership with the EU, the UN has established an initiative called the ‘Spotlight Initiative’ focused on eliminating violence against women and girls. In line with the name of this initiative, it hopes to bring this issue of violence against women into the spotlight and as such, this will be a part of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. As BPW is connected with UN Women, we look forward to working together to educate ourselves on this issue and work to eliminate violence. 

The Czech Republic is currently ranked 13th out of the 156 countries in the SDG index, with a score of 78.7. This is 2.3% higher than the average country’s score, and 76.9 is the regional average score. The Czech Republic was ranked very highly with the first SDG No Poverty, as this goal was achieved and continues to be maintained. The 2019 SDG index also notes that there are major challenges for sustainable “industry, innovation, and infrastructure but the Czech Republic is seemingly on track to push past those challenges and achieve the goal by 2030. When looking at other SGDs, the Czech republic is also on track to achieve good health and well being”, “affordable and clean energy”, “reduced inequalities”, and “life on land” by 2030. 

 The goals of Climate Action” andPartnerships for the Goals are ranked significantly lower, as the Czech Republic has major challenges remaining for both of these goals, and is not improving enough to reach the goal by the 2030 deadline. Other goals with challenges that are either stagnating or improving by not on track to achieve by 2030 include “Zero Hunger”, “Quality Education”, “Gender Equality”, “Clean Water and Sanitation”, “Decent Work and Economic Growth”, “Sustainable Cities and Communities”, “Responsible Consumption and Production”, and “Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions”. One SGD, “Life Below Water” is not applicable to the Czech Republic and as such, does not have information available in the index. While there are many goals left for the Czech Republic to achieve, BPW hopes that by connecting people and organizations we are able to work together in achieving these sustainable goals.

The 2019 SDG index presented not only an analysis of countries, but this year shared a ranking of major European cities. Prague is ranked number 27 out of 45, with a score of 60.1. In order for a country to achieve its SDGs, the cities must work toward the goals. The index notes that two-thirds of EU citizens live in urban areas, and 85% of the EU’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is generated in cities. As such, cities are crucial to achieving these goals and every person must work within their organizations to make a positive impact on our shared world. 

To learn more about BWP Internation’s goals for sustaibility in partnership with the United Nations please visit https://www.bpw-international.org/index.php/partnerships/unwomen

To learn more about the 2019 Sustainable Development Goals Index please visit https://www.sdgindex.org/


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