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aktualitaEqual Pay Day

27. 3. 2020 – Online Equal Pay Day in English

Dear participants,
these days brought us a big challange to use the technical opportunities we have.
You can meet all our speakers with their topics ONLINE. We are very grateful for your support and anthusiasm!
You can join us at the conference room FOR FREE:

We will start morning conference session with English speaking guests. You can look forward to:
10:00 Brian Ayling– GM MARS, Central Europe
10:20 Paolo Lanzarotti – CEO Asahi Breweries Europe Ltd.
10:40 Monika Hilm – Regional Manager Vienna House
11:00 Emma Boishardy – CEO GSK
12:30 Mounia El Hilali Acherkouk Yakhlef – CEO & CSO IKEA ČR, HU, SK


For example from Paolo, you will learn how women have helped transform Asahi in Europe into a business with Sustainability at its core. He will also share his personal story of how women around him, both in the business and at home, have inspired him to be engaged in issues which go beyond the business, like the climate change. Asahi in Europe has a clear vision to become carbon neutral by 2030 and use fully circular packaging. The company is committed to run the business in harmony with nature, not only for us, but for generations that come after us, because the gifts of nature are essential to brew great beers. To fulfil this purpose, everybody is important, but powerful women can play a crucial rule and make a difference. Asahi in Europe therefore implements various ways to support diversity and inclusion, and empowers women to make an impact. Paolo believes that it's time for all of us to act, and that leaders have to lead Sustainability agenda as well. And more women in businesses can strongly help on this journey.